Sartoria Angela Milano – High Fashion since 1984

Delivering italian fashion style for over 35 years

For over thirty years, the work at Angela’s Atelier is an experience that comes from a deep passion. This is Sartoria Angela Alta Moda: an Atelier that preserves the utilization of fashion craftsmanship skills, which are increasingly difficult to find nowadays. It is located in the center of Milan, Italy, one of the undisputed capitals of fashion and style.

What does it mean today to have an Atelier?

The art of creating clothing is an ancient profession that, today more than ever, needs to be safeguarded: this occupation is an ancient trade, for which skilled labor is increasingly difficult to find, while many similar stores have closed. These are all factors that seriously endanger a traditional and artistic art that represents the “made in Italy” phenomenon, which involves a profession that is slowly disappearing as it is burdened, like many other crafts, by the lack of generational continuity. The tailor is a craftsman, a person who, thanks to possessing a series of meticulous skills, is able to create a dress following all the necessary steps. Designing, modifying, repairing, sewing, artistically boxing… these are just some of the activities that characterize the typical working day of the Atelier’s tailor. Being tailors means having excellent manual skills, but also creativity, intuition, ability to connect with clients, as well as knowing how to understand and perhaps anticipate the tastes of the customers. These skills are needed in order to be able to help the customers choose the right clothing that best suits the specific occasion, flatters the figure, but above all enhance the client’s personality. This is a profession that today, even more than ever, requires a lot of patience, precision, passion, and versatility.

What is the secret of your success? Love what you do.

All the aforementioned elements have characterized for over thirty years the success of Sartoria Angela, which opened in Milan in 1984. Angela’s passion started when she was a girl who came in contact with fabrics, laces, patterns, and fashion sketches. Angela was given the opportunity to pursue a career in this competitive field alongside expert tailors and great stylists (some of whom later became famous). These experiences led her to love the craft of creating fashion styles more and more, fueled by her enthusiasm and commitment to this craft. Angela was able to transform this passion for creating clothes into her ideal job.

High fashion “made to measure”

At Atelier Angela, elegant, formal, romantic and also sporty women’s dresses are made to measure. A close-knit working staff with many years of experience is one of the success factors of this Sartoria, which provides all customers with personalized assistance and accuracy in all tailoring solutions. All pieces are 100% custom-made. The care in the choice of fabrics contributes to making each creation exceptional: high quality and natural fabrics are always used in this Atelier, without ever neglecting a detail, according to the tradition of haute couture, in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of both Italian and foreign customers. By combining tradition and innovation in the right amounts, the Atelier Angela helps keep alive this ancient and precious art form made of wisdom and grace, as well as elegance and harmony. Indeed, if it is true that a hem is still a hem, compared to a few decades ago, tailors nowadays need to know how to use cutting-edge fashion technology, understand the needs of customers, which at times change quickly, and skillfully customize the customers’ clothes in order to make them true one-of-a-kind fashion pieces.